Trellis Engineered For Your Horticulture


TrellX is here to support your engineering needs when it comes to trellising your horticulture. We provide services and designs for everything trellis.

"TrellX eliminates the guesswork in your protective cropping system. Our systems are engineered to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Our designs are committed to you as a grower and a decision maker."

Modern horticulture needs a proper trellis and protective cropping system. We design systems that fit your location and horticulture preference. 


Elevation Maps and Wind Data

We use elevation maps and wind data to design proper trellis member placement. We then integrate this into the system design to support your horticulture.

Soil Tests

Soil is the foundation. Adequate soil structure is essential for supporting growth. We can perform soil tests to determine the optimum embedment depth for your trellis members.

Trellis Designs

designed to fit your material preference and longevity needs. We can spec wood, metal, or composites to make your trellis fit your operation and cost.

Workshops and Seminars

geared towards the people who plan and install the trellis. Inquire for more details.

Contact us for: new installations and current systems that need evaluation.


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