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TrellX is here to support your engineering needs when it comes to trellising your horticulture. We provide services and designs for everything trellis.

De Kleine Machine Company

Cosmic Crisp Specials and 2019 Pre-orders

Cosmic Crisp Specials

Find out about out special pricing for cosmic crisp blocks. We offer versatile TrellX designs which is easily altered to be "Machine Ready". The next wave of technology is here, so get the TrellX system that adapts to whatever future you decide.  

Cosmic Crisp System V: 12 - 13 ft rows; 6 or 7 wires; 100 bins/ac loading capacity; 50 mph wind Loads on outside row; ready for superstructure now or as a future option. Typical Cost is $8,000 per acre installed*

2019 Pre order

TrellXing isn't an overnight process. Proper Trellising requires: Consultations, Design Parameters, Site evaluations for anchors and posts, and installation Planning. Contact us to get your 2019 TerllX plans underway. Let TrellX do the leg work to get the right materials to the right location in your orchard.

Retro Fits

TrellX offers simple components to retrofit existing trellis systems before disaster begins. Our components are designed for wood and metal systems.

*Prices are based on normal instances but will vary per location.